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Singerheimen was the original home of the American millionaire and painter William Henry Singer Jr. and his wife Anna. The property consists of nine buildings, all except the studio and mausoleum painted in a special mint green color. It is idyllically situated between steep mountains, and with a great view towards the fjord and Oldedalen valley.

In October 2021 Singerheimen was protected by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage. This huge green house on the hilltop is home to a very special story. A story that began all the way back in 1868 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and changed our village forever.

Come visit us, and let us tell you the fairytale about the generous couple, and their impact on the area. Travel a hundred years back in time as we walk you through their original house, their fortune and their sorrow. Through peace and war, Singerheimen is probably the best preserved historic home in Norway.

They say the magic lies in the details… We have all the details you can imagine.

Feel the History

William Henry Singer, a renowned American painter and art collector, chose art over his family’s steel business, settling in the peaceful village of Olden, Norway. Alongside his wife, Anna, Singer not only found inspiration in the natural beauty of Olden but also supported the construction of a crucial road connecting the area. Today, their legacy lives on through Singerheimen, their estate turned foundation, preserving their art treasures and honoring their contributions to art and society.

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Travel Guide

Briksdal Glacier – Easy 45 min hike or troll car

Oldeskaret – Advanced 4 hour hike

Loen Skylift – Cable car and via ferrata

Brenndal Glacier – Medium 2 hour hike

Yrineset – Viewpoint with café, watersport and sauna

“Beachen” – Maybe Norway’s best climbing area

Kattanakken – Advanced 4-5 hour hike

Flatsteinbu – Advanced 5 hour hike

Lodalen – Our epic neighbour valley


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